Green Card
Green Card
When traveling abroad with your own vehicle, it is necessary to provide a Green Card for the vehicle, which is actually a territorial extension of the insurance of the automobile liability in all European countries.

The green card is a mandatory type of insurance and a guarantee that in case of a harmful event caused by your vehicle to a third party on the territory of the country where the accident occurred, the damage, on your behalf, will be compensated by the insurance company.

This includes:
  • material damage (damaged vehicles, road facilities, etc.);
  • non-material damage (injured persons, casualties, compensations to foreign health and pension funds, etc.),
  • i.e. all damages that according to the applicable laws in the country where the traffic accident occurred apply to third parties.

The validity of the Green Card is related to the durability of the automobile liability policy. That is, with the expiration of the automobile liability policy, the validity of the Green Card automatically terminates.

The premium (insurance price) of the Green Card policy for passenger vehicles depends on the engine power, and for trucks it is fixed.
Passenger vehicles up to 66 KW – annual3.690 MKD
Passenger vehicles over 66 KW – annual5.536 MKD
Passenger vehicles up to 66 KW – monthly1.850 MKD
Passenger vehicles over 66 KW – monthly3.075 MKD
Towing vehicles, special vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and work vehicles5.536 MKD
Loading vehicles and buses17.222 MKD